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Building and maintaining a social presence is no rabbit-in-a-hat trick. We, at Magical Emporium have honed years of expertise to create effective and diverse solutions suited to all your business needs when stepping into social media marketing. Be it damage control from negative reviews to creating a completely new brand out of thin air and then getting it verified via blue ticks, we are a one stop solution for all your social media needs.

Our goal is turning the public perception in your favour. To receive a completely free proposal about how we could assist you, request a callback today. Contact us to get the most convenient, user-centric and effective solutions for your social media marketing needs. We have successfully propelled many small businesses, large businesses, politicians and even celebrities. Your best time to go global is now!

Our services include:

Shout Outs on Facebook and Instagram

Social Profile Sales

Reputation Management

Instagram / Twitter Verification Services

Shoutouts on Facebook and Instagram

Boost your sales with celebrity shout outs and reach your target audience now!

We realise the importance of a relevant endorsement, and thus offer shoutout services tailored to suit your niche. Our extensive influencer list lets you choose by category, audience size, follower demographics or simply, by keyword. Once your post is ready (keeping in mind the influencer’s audience), sit back and let us do our magic. We leverage organically grown and nurtured profiles to get tangible returns for your products and services.

Choosing multiple influencers is the key to get the optimal conversion into sales. Choose your preferred time-slots and pay hassle-free for the selected services. Schedule different influencers on different dates, this will let you find out who performs the best in your case and then you can make changes in future campaigns accordingly.

At Magical Emporium, we offer premium shoutout services on Instagram and Facebook from influencers with an average following over a million. Our expertise in maintaining the perfect influencers to effectively deliver your message is organic and tested. We provide everything you need to discover and engage the biggest market in human history, the internet. Your success has never been easier, let’s get in touch!

Get your Shoutout

Selling Instagram and Facebook Pages in all niches

Looking to sell your organically built Instagram or Facebook page for the best value possible?

Sell your social profile

Look no further, Magical Emporium is a premium social media which treats your account as actual real estate and strives to give you the best value. We provide both sale and purchase opportunities including rent options as well. We ensure strict standards to give justice to your organic following and quality content.

Being a digital asset, your location is absolutely no barrier, as we deal internationally. Get in touch, and sit back as we figure out the best deal, payment method and conversion rates to your preferred currency, in the process getting you the maximum value for your account. We also understand the importance of your time, hence leave no stone unturned to streamline the process as much as possible.

Our trusted account sellers have numerous positive testimonials. We operate transparently and through fair negotiation, promotion, and above all, maximum security. Having dealt in more than 10,000 Instagram accounts, we have immense experience in all fields and genres. Monetising your niche Instagram and facebook pages is one of the easiest ways to garner passive incomes from your viewership, stop missing out on it!

Reputation Management

Boost your sales with celebrity shout outs and reach your target audience now!

Humanize your business in today’s digital era!

Any online goods or services merchant recognises the threats of ill-intended or hate reviews. The market is such that even a casual remark from some remote corner of the globe can destroy years of hard work in building a good reputation. Our team at Magical Emporium, has over the years dealt with numerous cases related to online reputation management. This on-the-field experience makes us your best chance at both building and maintaining a positive relation with your customers.

Our Online Reputation Management teams customise content based on your website, current social media and blogs. We polish it, focusing on the website’s goal and target audience to draw visitors and thus increase sales. Our thoughtfully curated content is engaging, which also helps in increasing the SERP rankings of the website, directly boosting your online reputation.

Let us manage your responses, starting from creating a persona and personalising communications, right up to pro-active post sales services. We ensure polite and honest communication despite most customers in general resorting to social media to voice dislike rather than appreciation, understand the problem and strive to resolve it with

Get Reputation Management

Instagram / Twitter – Blue Tick / Verification Services

Add credibility with your social signals by getting verified.

Get Verified

A simple blue tick, can often make or break a number of trust factors among your potential customers. Getting one however is no easy task. Even after fulfilling all guidelines laid down by companies like Instagram and Twitter, one can never be sure if their application will be accepted.

By definition, a blue tick means that the media platform has officially confirmed the account belongs to the specific person or brand. This greatly boosts credibility and trust among its followers and potential customers. Now as far as its level of importance is concerned, in a nutshell, it is a badge worthy of being displayed. This directly translates to the content coming out from that brand being genuine and recognised.

Specialising in Instagram and Twitter, Magical Emporium has dedicated experts who manage all the paperwork involved, build your brand and streamline the process including managing press articles and Wikipedia. We prepare a detailed layout incorporating written interviews, editorials, official press releases and a number of media appearances including photos, videos and direct quotes on your behalf.

Here, at Magical Emporium, we have in-depth knowledge of how social media verification services work and our track record proves we do it right in one go.

According to the data, 76% of the advertising budgets are wasted.
Our Experts Can Solve This Problem.

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