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In creating your social media marketing strategy, Magical Emporium brings creativity back to your social media planning and gives you the freedom to focus on your time and have fun innovating or making fresh content. Let the experts at Magical Emporium set up and analyze your new business profile. Creating a profile is not enough. You need strategic and periodic boosting, often even blue tick validations for your company to actually grow. Our involvement, as say, your “Chief Marketing Officer” gives you access to insights, impressions and engagement and allows you to reach your customers, customers, partners, employees, friends and family members. Our latest analytics let you stay up to date with your most powerful content, freedom to share, and ultimately create the perfect recipe for your international social media success and truly fulfil your dreams of reaching all corners of the Earth.

Our clientele includes both upcoming ventures and established enterprises. We provide services based on real-time trends and of exceptional quality. What differentiates Magical Emporium is its end-to-end management process and a trusted team of in-house marketing experts.

We make sure that your social media profile is all you need to fill in all your information, add and optimize images to connect to your websites and other networks to be visible. Once you create an Instagram profile for a company, it doesn’t stop growing and developing. We also specialise in Travel Blog Management, and have extensive experience in both promoting positivity and suppressing all the hate the internet has recently become notorious for.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Offering Facebook and Instagram Shoutouts
  • Promotion and sales of Instagram and Facebook Pages across all niches
  • Reputation Management (Personal Profile Enhancement or Suppression of Negative Results)
  • Instagram / Twitter Blue Tick / Verification Services

Magical Emporium enables your brand to reach authentic influencers, social media stars, journalists and bloggers as opposed to other brands merely offering falsely boosted numbers. This results in impactful search engine visibility and online PR, creating a new way to have media visibility. With established media relationships and key partnerships, we are the secret ingredient to your success in gaining an advantage in whatever industry you operate.

Here’s a handy tip to get you started. On most social media platforms, search capabilities are very limited. The best way to showcase your content to a relevant audience is, thus, to use hashtags. The most popular accounts are often those that set new social media trends. Leave us a contact, and let us realise your dreams!

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