Running a contest or a giveaway for your company?

Offering Shout outs on Facebook and Instagram

Amidst all the noise on a digital arena, it’s hard to amplify your message and reach out to your target audience. Giving away free stuff is acceptable but as a company, you need something back in return — that they become your actual paying customers in the future. For this matter, using the voice of a relevant influencer is quintessential.

At Magical Emporium, we offer shoutout services on Facebook and Instagram from influencers with an average of a million followers. Although finding the perfect influencers to effectively deliver your message is both an art and a science. Our solution gives you everything you need to discover and engage influencers. Activate campaigns in a fraction of the time and ensure you reach your target audience.

We know that you are an expert at attracting the attention of your audience – now make the most of your efforts and connect with the brands looking for influencers like you to tell your message to their audience. You may leverage their years of experience and sell to their followers. Also, form the partnerships based on mutually aligned interests, values, and goals.

Influencer Marketplace
Measuring your influencer outreach campaigns can be a real challenge. You don’t want to waste your money on shoutouts which aren’t giving you any ROI. At Magical Emporium, you can track your growth across platforms and see how you stack up to your peers.

This is how it works:

  1. Browse our entire Influencer List here at Magical Emporium digital agency website or contact our customer service expert and determine which Influencer fits your specific audience/niche. You can choose by category, audience size, follower demographics or simply search by keyword.
  1. Creating an order involves many opportunities to help get your message spread. Include an image as well as a description and use up to 10 -15 hashtags! (The Influencer will post whatever you want for their audience to see.) Try to use content their audience would like. So, mould the tonality and character of your content accordingly.
  1. The most intriguing part. Watch the magic happen! The Influencer will automatically pick up your campaign and create the post with your content! Always remember, if you want a Shoutout the RIGHT way, use Magical Emporium.
  1. After browsing our Influencer list, start creating your campaign by adding them to your list. If your goal is conversions/sales then we recommend trying out multiple influencers within 1 campaign. (Results determined by scheduled campaign dates.)
  1. Pick your preferred time of shoutout, and pay up directly for the order on the website or to the account manager. If using multiple influencers, try not to schedule the shoutouts on the same day. This way it is easy to determine which Influencer performed best! (Then you can involve them multiple times within your marketing strategy!)