About us

At the age of 18, Jason Thanos had a dream. He was a huge fan of rock music and Hollywood. He had been asked by friends and family to help get autographs from stars in the film and music industry. It got him thinking. He decided he wanted to set up a bar dedicated to high end genuine signed memorabilia. People were fascinated by it. No-one was doing this at the time. He felt it would really bring people in and capture their imaginations. He was going to call it Hollywood Dreams. But at the time, Jason did not have the funds to set up this ambitious project.
Instead, he continued his work sourcing autographs of the rich and famous for people who were unable to get their hands on the real thing themselves.
Jason could not believe the appetite among the general public for signed merchandise and decided that would become his life’s work. Jason has spent hours and days scoping out the movements of celebrities, in pursuit of autographs for his clients. He has spent hours and hours lining red carpets waiting for them to show and mingle with fans in the hope they will share their signature with him.
You name them and the 44-year-old has met them – from Tom Cruise and Tom Hardy to Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson and Sylvester Stallone. He has shaken hands with and had photographs with them all. AND they know him.
Now, more than 25 years on, his dream has come true. Jason has created his Aladdin’s Cave of Memorabilia - the Magical Emporium.
For the very first time, Jason has brought together the art of music and movies in one place. He has the best range of superheroes goodies, the biggest range of Harry Potter merchandise in the world, Lord of the Rings collectibles, The Hobbit treats and props from movies – to name a few. If you love music or film, Jason has created your paradise in a small corner of the Cheshire town of Altrincham.